Torrent sea of love

Crete, the largest of the Greek islands, defines the southernmost boundary of Europe and is located at a point where three continents converge. They epitomize the essence of Crete which is virile, proud and fiercely independent, like the Cretans themselves who exploited this brutal terrain to launch their resistance against the Turks. Fifty eight peaks over 2000 m. On the southern side of the Omalos plateau, the Samaria National Park was established to protect the endemic flora and fauna of this fascinating region that encompasses Europe’s longest gorge and a number of smaller gorges. The Kri-Kri are usually seen in the afternoon but their shyness makes it unlikely to glimpse one. The 18 km hike through the Samaria Gorge begins at Xyloskalo on the Omalos plateau 1200 m high.